Termite Inspection in Jefferson and St. Louis County

Im buying a home, can apex conduct a termite inspection?

Buying a home is one of the single biggest investments most people make. If a home is being financed through a lending institution, almost every institution will require a “termite inspection” before they agree to finance a home sale. There are many types of Wood-Destroying Insects (WDI) that are checked for during an inspection, but termites are the most prevalent nuisance in Missouri.

The WDI or Termite inspection is required to protect the buyer and their lender from closing a deal on a home that has structural problems due to termites and their related WDI’s. Apex Pest Control has several years of experience in conducting these Termite Inspections. Inspectors work for the buyer, not the seller, to ensure that they are getting the home that they are paying for; not one that has irreparable termite damage.

Finding termite damage doesn’t immediately negate a home sale, but issues should be taken care of before the sale.  A Termite Inspection is an integral step in the home buying process, so call Apex Pest Control today.