General Pest Control Services in Jefferson and St. Louis County

Apex Pest Control has been serving Jefferson and St. Louis Counties since 1983, and they know that the Midwest climate lends itself to hospitable conditions for many kinds of household pests. Pre-treatment services are available to prevent pest control problems, as well as treatment for existing pest problems.

At Apex Pest Control, we have many options to prevent and treat any pest control problem. Ants and spiders can be annoying, but rodents and cockroaches can spread disease, and termites can ruin a home. Recognizing a pest problem and getting it treated as soon as possible is crucial, and Apex Pest Control is equipped to deal with whatever pests are found in your home.

Many kinds of household pests like to make their home in the Midwest; the most common pests in the St. Louis area are:

Many household pest problems can be reduced or eliminated with Apex Pest Control’s General Pest Control services, but rodents, ants, and termites may require more specialized treatments. Apex Pest Control has the ability to treat any pest control problem, so contact us today for a consultation.